dimecres, 4 de març de 2015


Few weeks ago, we went to the Autonoma University in Barcelona with the high school and it was REALLY interesting. I went with Léna and Alexandra to the English meeting and Hotel direction. Those were my favourite ones. The 1st one we went to was English and it was great, but when we went to the 2nd one everything changed. Léna and I fell in love with that career because an old student came and explained us all that he had done with the career: He traveled to Ibiza to do pactice, then he took a sabbatical year in Melbourne, then he worked in New Orleans in a Four Seasons hotel and now he is the subdirector of a Huge Luxury hotel in Barcelona. That motivated me to study harder because it sounds like a fun career. 
It was also a nice day, we had a lot of fun and I hope to study there.