dimecres, 4 de març de 2015

Book and film review. (2x1!!!)

This summer I read the 50 shades triology and i really like it! Ok, there's a lot of explicit content but the Story is beautiful.  I wanted to read the books before watch the film and I did it, so I called a friend of mine that had the triology and she lend them me. At the biggining I thought that Christian was an idiot but when you keep reading, the story haunts you. Grey mets Anastasia Steel, a normal girl, with normal issues and tries to flirt with her, but not in an usual way. Whatever, I read the three parts and WOW! I love them!!! I could read them again, my plan is to buy them in english and read the saga again. 
Once I read them, I wanted to watch the film, I was so excyted because if the books where awesome, the film would be as well! But... IT'S NOT!!!! They cut important parts from the books and facuses only at the explicit parts!! So in the cinema I was like: Hey!!! this is not like this, Why Ana is traveling on Bussines in the plane? Why Ana has new clothes when she wakes up after get drunk? Mmmm... it's not fair because now everybody think that everything is like the film and it's not!! Definitely I preffer the books. But I'll go to watch the 2nd part anyways, maybe could improve. 

Resultat d'imatges de fifty shades of grey