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Final reflection.

Compare your 1st written post and your last composition. Any differences?
Well as you can see my 1st composition is kinda messy and also very short. I think that I wasn't awared about what connectors and prepositions are! This makes me laugh out loud because now I can write a post long like a news paper! And also no future? WTF Marta!!?? I can't handle my old myself!! 

(1st Composition)
My dream is make a travel around the the best places of the world.
The challenges I will meet are the money, If I don't have money I cant pay the hotels and the air planes flyes. Probably I have to go alone and I miss my friends and my family too, an other clallenge is the time because I want to go while I'm young and if I'm studying at the university, 1st I have to end the estudies.
The solutions are safe a lot of money working vey hard after end the studies and go with a friend to be more funny and don't miss a lot my other friends and my family.
It can be a nice experience in my life.

(Last composition)
School is finishing and soon we'll have our "graduation dinner + party" (FINALLY). We are all nervous because of selectivitat and having the grade to get into the college that we want but thre's one thing that have us super nervous, specially girls: What should I wear to graduation? I am planing to go to Barcelona and spend my wage there because I want to change my look. I want to cut the tips of my hair and have some balayage high lights.
I have alweis gone to the same hair dresser since I was 8 ( 10 years ago!!!) and I am not as happy as I could be because I think she's afraid of messing my hair but one of my favourite youtubers from Barcelona, Lizy P, has done a Video where shows where does she has her hair cut and all that stuff. The saloon is in Passeig de Gràcia and I have actually called because I need to book a date to go there and I wanted to go the same day of the graduation but unfurtunatelly we are going to do it the same day we finish Selectivitat so, I have to go before.
So I am going to do my best in everything these lasts 2 weeks and see what happens!! I can't bait to finish selectivitat and all that stuff!!!!!

Compare your 1st oral presentation with your last oral presentation. Any differences?
Well I can't find my 1st oral presentation but I remember that I was nervous as hell and I had a horrible accent. I think I spoke like a mexican speaking English so it was kinda funny!
Now I don't have pronunciation problems but obviously I have to improve my accent!!! I remember that My 1st oral presentation was all made with Google translator and I had to read a lot now I can do it on my own.

Mention content, structure & maturity arguments but linguistic arguments too: Fluency, comunication, pronunciation etc.
Okay Now I have more grammar to use if I need to, I have new connectors, words from other jargons... Now I can have a conversation with someone quietly and well I would like to reach an American accent because is cooler than the British one.

Nip & Tuck dialogue with Nadia

+Hmm... I think I want to have a boob job!
-Are you sure? There are a lot of risks.
+It's a very common OP. I don't think it's dangerous at all!
-Yes, but sometimes the silicon is too cheap and it can be broken... you know.
+Don't be a killjoy! It will make me feel more confident.
-Are you sure it's only this? I think this is not for you.
+Well... maybe I will have a nose job too.
-This is too much for you. You are beautiful as you are and there is nothing that make up can't fix.
+Well... I will think about it.
-In case you do it, just make sure the hospital is serious, will you?
+I already have an appointment.
-I hope you change your mind. You must accept who you are and live with it. Let's watch some make-up tutorials, shall we?
+Erm... I willl do it anyways.

What's your best written production?

This is my best written production. I really like it because I can talk about plenty of things about make up and all that stuff but I think that the best one I've ever done is one that I made for an exam where I talked about educationd an my complains about the current education sistem where I did no mistakes! 
But this one is good:
God oh's and Hell no's!!!
These lasts 6 months I have been buying a lot of cosmethics such as make up or mousturizers. Some of them have stunnied me and the other ones have horrorized me. That's why I am doing  God oh's and Hell no's!
I'm gonna start with the Hell no's because I want to leave the best products for the finish.
The first Hell no is the Garnier BB cream, I thought that it'd be nice because it is a good brand but not over-prized I opened it and the texture was ok, because it is a cream, not a foundation. Although I bought the medium color, it was too dark and when I wear it I look like an Oompa Loompa!!! The other problem is that it stings, Ifelt like my face was on fire, then I saw that I had a lot of pimples, definetely a Hell No. The next product that i hate is the Garnier Shampoo "Adiós daños".
Last summer I made some Californian highlights in my hair and it was kinda dry and burned so, I went to the grocery and I bougt this shampoo and its mask. I have to say that the 1st day it worket, wy hair was alive again! but the next day that I use it it was even more dry than before I use it. Another product that disappointed me a little was the Chanel foundation, the formula it's quite liquid and I need it more foundation than usual and it is quite expensive. The last Hell no is the Flomar primer, I have to say that Flomar is kinda low cost and if you are buying small things like eye shadows, lipsticks or highlighters for instance, it has a good quality-price relation, but if you are thinking about buying a foundation or a primer, save some more money and buy a good one ( I recommend the Mac primer) because ok you spreed it on your face and it feels soft but then when you want to put your foundation you have to be super fast because it dries up in a second on the other hand, it makes you feel like you have the face dirty and sticky, that's why I don't like it and I think that it doesn't fullfill it's function, make your make up last longer.
Let's talk about the God Oh's!!!! The first lucky product is the Estée Lauder foundation, the price is kinda high like the Chanel one but it is worth it. It feels like you are not wearing make up and it lasts a lot even if you are not wearing a primer, the other thing that I have to mention is that once you have spreed it on your face you can keep contourning your face with bronzer because it allows you to strew all kind of powders on your face because it is not sticky and as I said it is like a second skyn. talking about bronzers my favourite one is the mercadona bronzer, it bought it my Mom and I have to say that I was kinda opposed to use it because, you know it is cheap and I don't know... hahaha but it is nice because it is not an Oompa Loompa colour, so it is nice to contour. 
One of my favourite products for hair is the Oro Fluido oil, because it is made of argan oil and some other escential oils like Vainilla or Cinnanon oil, and it is S T U N N I N G  I only use this after shower and my curls look soft, wavy and perfect!
Last but not list my favourite product, the Velvet Rouge Coco by Chanel, it is amazing! It lasts a lot and it looks nice, by the moment I only have one (the nº 38) but I want to buy another one because I love red lipstick because I consider that it is a Must Have for every woman.
That's it I hope that it's been usefull for you.

But, Finally School is finishing I am so Happy!!!

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