diumenge, 8 de maig de 2016

News: what do boys think about current trends?

What do men REALLY want to see women wear? Guys critique the latest spring trends and offer their very honest opinions on what is hot - and what most certainly is NOT.

  • FEMAIL highlights six of the biggest spring/summer trends to come down the runways
  • Meanwhile several of Daily Mail Online's male employees weigh in on what they really think about these looks - and what they would prefer to see
  • Most guys said no to trendy and complicated and yes to simple and bright.

Yes, guys can review about fashion issues. For them always simple is better. When I go shopping with bae he always choose some outfits for me and he actually nail them! Even when I am doing my make up he is always like: You don't need this or that bla bla bla. But what those goys from Daily Mail have done is awesome because sometimes we need the male opinion, jut to know what they like or not. Sometimes we want to look as fklawless as Beyoncé but maybe they are happy only with a bohoo dress and a pair of pumps and your free hair. In fact, my boyfriend says that his favourite outfit for mi is: free hair, a white simple lace croptop and a red cloth flower skirt with a pair of platform sandals (because he is tall as hell).
Sometimes we try to be sexy wearing a super little tied dress but my best friend says that we look sexier with a simple free back dress and a pair of heels.
I really like to know what guys think about fashion because like we girls do, they like to give their opinion about fashion.

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