diumenge, 8 de maig de 2016

New: Contouring Hacks!

Now there's RULER contouring! Beauty vlogger reveals she uses the stationery to create perfect symmetry on her face

  • Huda Kattan, 32, shared the unusual beauty technique on her Instagram
  • Dubai-based beauty guru claims her face is asymmetrical
  • She uses makeup to make herself appear symmetrical before 'big shoots' 
A makeup guru has revealed that her trick to creating the perfect cheekbones is a piece of office stationery.
Beauty vlogger Huda Kattan, who is based in Dubai, posted a video on her Instagram revealing that she uses a ruler to contour her face.
The technique, which uses blended tones to sharpen features and give the appearance of good bone structure, has long been advocated by the Kardashian clan.

Huda Kattan is a genious. She has invented a lot of ways to do contouring better and also funny. She has done it with adhevive tape, with a ruler, with a knife, etc.
Doing your own make up is not as easy as it looks, it takes practice and pacience (like everything, obviously) but it is funny, especially if you have some skills. One of my favourite things is Make Up, might look weird because I always look Make up free to school (baby face) but when I go somewhere or I work ( because I work every weekend) and I like to look good, or at least like a 18 year old girl, not like a baby. 
I think Huda is doing a great job because in her culture (muslim) it is difficult for a woman to succeed and now she has an empire of cosmethics, she's a powerfull bussiness woman and that's great! The world is changing and improving. 
I hope that more women like her achieve their place in its societies.
This is what I do everytime I do my contour, I hope you enjoy it: