diumenge, 8 de maig de 2016

Fed up of everything.

Can I just breath?
There're only 2 weeks to finish Bat and everything is hectic! Everyday with exams, assigments, etc. when can we just breath? the 16th of May we have a holliday but on the 17th we have 3 exams!!!! I don't even know if everything is going to be allright I am very scared because I really want to leave high school, I need it. i think that the educations sistem is not working, we should do like in England. According to Kate, there you only do the optatives, 4 subjects and that's it. Here we have to do subjects that we'll never going to use.
Here we just memorize, we throw it up in the exam and then we forget it! What is this for? Is this usefull? I don't think so.
I really want to finish everything, that's it, because If I don't pass I will leave school.

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