dissabte, 7 de maig de 2016

News: How your make-up bag could wreck your health.


How your make-up bag could wreck your health: One in five women hoard cosmetics for years - risking urine infections and meningitis.

  • 25% women hoard mascara for a year - 9 months past its use-by-date
  • And 20% keep cleanser for 12 months - twice as long as recommended
  • Study: Old cosmetics harbour bacteria including life-threatening meningitis
  • Women admit carrying things like cat biscuits and KY jelly in make-up bags

Whoa! This is kinda creepy! I love make up but this is terryfying but I don't want to have meningitis. This is not actually a problem because I use a lot of make up and I have to buy almost everything every 6 months specially eye-liner and mascara but I am using the same pot of mascara since October and it works good as hell, that means that I should buy anotherone in case I don't want to get meningitis or something but it is quite expensive to throw it away now.
Everything has date of expiry but I didn't realise that make up to! The 1st time I heard it was in a Catalan TV program called Trencadís but I didn't pay any atenttion. Now that I've read this I will throw away half of my make-up bag!

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