diumenge, 8 de maig de 2016

News: How to pick a puppy.

Which breed of dog is right for your family? The ruff guide to picking a perfect puppy.

  • Kate Humble warns many people make an impulsive choice about dog 
  • 700,000 puppies of 200 breeds welcomed into British homes each year
  • Breeds vary wildly in cost of upkeep to amount of exercise they need 

Wow! This is very practic if you are looking for a dog and you have an avarage of money that you want to spend on the puppy or what the dog needs.
I think that the best obtion is to adopt puppies from the animal shelter because they need it more. Having an animal is a hugh responsability, you have to take him to walk, take him to the vet (which is actually pretty expensive) , shower it if it smells bad, feed it and also give him love and affection. I have a dog and it is the best thing you could ever have, he's always with me when I'm ill or when I am sad, he makes company whenever I am alone, he plays with me and he's super sweet.
It is sad to see he's Ill, my dog Nevat was hit by a car 7 years ago and he suffered by Pneumo-torax. It was the worst night ever because I didn't sleep due to I thought that I was loosing him. Luckily. he's ok. He's now 14 years old and he's blind and suffers from reuma and sometimes he has epilepsia attacks and it is very scary.
You have to know that a dog or a cat or whatever is not a toy is a living being and if you give him love, you will recieve it twice. Just make shure what you can offer to your pet and be concious that like you need care, it will take care too.

This is my dog, he thinks he's a person :')