diumenge, 8 de maig de 2016

News: Vintage catering planes.

When plane food WAS first class: Vintage photos show passengers being served lobster, caviar and cream cakes during the golden age of flying.

Scandinavian Airlines release photos of fine dining during flights for 70th anniversary

  • The selection of vintage photographs were released by the Norway-based Scandinavian Airlines to mark its 70 years
  • They show guests in first class being served everything from lobsters to caviar. There's even meat being carved
  • As time went on, the plates of food became smaller, especially in economy class where prepared trays were served
I love those times: that fashion, that class and that food on planes!! Now plane's food is quite bad and if you want to eat well you have to go at 1st class what it is very confortable but also quite expensive  if you are traveling alone with a friend it is impossible. When I travel to Cuba we have a lot of transfers from one plane to another and in the longest one we go at first class because when we arrive to La Havana we have 4.30 hours of journey to Santa Clara and obviously we want to rest.
Even if you are at Bussiness class food is quite weird and then wen we go to the standard one is awful. 
I would really like to fly with that kind of planes of the 60's like in Panam (a tv serie) everything was so classy and glamurous even if you were in the economic class.

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