diumenge, 8 de maig de 2016

Book Review: The great Gatsby

I have been reading since I was in the hospital this summer and it is definitelly my favourite book ever. I have read it in English because my mmother bough it on the iPad in English by mistake because she only wanted to cheer me while I was there. She knew that I love the movie and that I love to read and I pent there one effing week without tv because it wasn't working.
So I started it and it is better than the movie. I have cryed with the book and not with the film because I think that if you read you get more into the story and you can imagine your own characters.
The story is about Jay Gatsby, a rich man who wants to recover the love of her life: Dasy.
Dasy is married with a rich man who always cheats on her. Daisy's cousin, Nick has moved next to Gatsby's house in the outskirts of New York (I don't know if it is the Hamptons or not but whatever).
So Nick and Jay become friends because Nick is helping Jay with Dasy. 
Nick plans a date between Jay and Dasy and they start everything.
I don't want to be spoiler but it has a sad ending. I am in love with Jay Gatsby.

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